Understanding the MUTCD Text References

It is easy to read through the MUTCD and skim past the reference numbers included in the text.  The reference numbers point to other information within the manual which may provide more specific information or exceptions to the standard you need.  Learning how to read the reference numbers is important and will help you find complete answers more quickly.

The following information is useful when reference is being made to a specific portion of text in the MUTCD and is taken from the MUTCD Page I-2 and I-3.

There are nine Parts in this Manual and each Part is comprised of one or more Chapters.  Each Chapter is comprised of one or more Sections.  Parts are given a numerical identification, such as Part 2 – Signs.  Chapters are identified by the Part number and a letter, such as Chapter 2B – Regulatory Signs, Barricades, and Gates.  sections are identified by the Chapter number and letter followed by a decimal point and a number, such as Section 2B.03 – Size of Regulatory Signs.

Each Section is comprised of one or more paragraphs.  The paragraphs are indented and are identified by a number.  Paragraphs are counted from the beginning of each Section without regard to the intervening text headings (Standard, Guidance, Option, or Support).  Some paragraphs have lettered or numbered items.  As an example of how to cite the Manual, the phrase “Not  less than 40 feet beyond the stop line” that appears in Section 4D.14 of the Manual would be referenced in writing as “Section 4D.14,P1,A.1” and would be verbally referenced as “Item A.1 of Paragraph 1 of Section 4D.14.”