MUTCD 2009 Compliance Dates Speed Limit Sign / Color of Changeable Message Legend

Speed Limit Signs / Color of Changeable Message Legend December 22, 2013 – The 2009 MUTCD compliant date for all Speed Limit Signs (R2-1) – If a changeable message sign displaying approach speeds is installed, the legend YOUR SPEED XX MPH or such similar legend should be displayed. The color of the changeable message legend should be a yellow legend on a black background or the reverse of these colors

MUTCD 2009 Standard Regulatory Sign Sizes

Standard Regulatory Sign Sizes December 22, 2013 is the implementation date for the 2009 MUTCD increased sign sizes for Regulatory Signs.   Quoted MUTCD Standards Section 2B.03 Size of Regulatory Signs Standard: 01 Except as provided in Section 2A.11, the sizes for regulatory signs shall be as shown in Table 2B-1. Support: 02 Section 2A.11 contains information regarding the applicability of the various colum

2009 MUTCD Yield Sign Application Compliance Dates

Yield Sign Requirements The following indicates the YIELD SIGN requirements to meet the 2009 MUTCD Code for signs that fall under the regulations of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Compliance dates: January 17, 2011 (a) – 2B.09 – Changes in YIELD sign application criteria from the 1988 MUTCD to the 2003 MUTCD. December 22, 2013 (b) &